What Completely Mutz clients say...

"Cooper came to us as a rescue dog at 10 months old, he was full of anxiety and basically uncontrollable. He was house trained but completely hyperactive, walking him was a nightmare, leaving him at home alone even for very short periods of time resulted in complaints from neighbours and a lot of destruction, and we were unable relax at home because of his constant disruptive behaviour. We spent a couple of months trying to find ways of training him ourselves but nothing worked, and finally after one incident too many we decided that we’d seek advice from our vet, who recommended Trudi. This was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We had 5 sessions with Trudi and honestly cannot believe the difference in Cooper. He is like a different dog! In 6 short weeks he is actually listening to us, we know how to teach him to do things and now when we leave the house he looks forward to us going out and we don’t have any problems. He has gone from being a dog we thought was untrainable to one who already knows and listens to the basic commands. We still have issues we need to work on, but Trudi has given us the tools we need to find a way around them. We always knew that underneath Cooper’s anxiety was a loving and loyal dog, and thanks to the sessions with Trudi we’re finally seeing him. We are taking a few weeks to build on the training tools we have, and will have no qualms about booking more sessions as we need them. As far as we’re concerned Trudi is a miracle worker, we never would have thought that 5 sessions would have brought about such a change!"  Charmaine and Cooper 

“Trudi has a very professional but friendly approach.  I have two reactive dogs.  One of which we rescued earlier this year.  He was not only reactive to other dogs but didn’t even know the very basic of commands.  So much so we thought he was deaf, as he wouldn’t even respond to his name!  With Trudi’s help we have managed to gain Buzz’s trust.  He’s a lot more focused and relaxed.  Trudi has a very calm approach and doesn’t make you feel stupid when you get things wrong!  She also provided a weekly diary which you can write down what training you have managed to do and what the outcome was.  This is a really good tool as it encourages you to do more and is great for you to look back on and see what your dog has actually achieved!!  I would highly recommend Trudi!” – Ali 

"I got in contact with Trudi hoping for some help and guidance with my 3 year old Sproodle who, over the last 6 months or so had started becoming increasingly worse around other dogs with regard to bad behaviour and pulling on her lead. As well as a few issues within our home, such as jumping up at the dinner table Trudi was brilliant.  She listened to everything I wanted to address and resolve about my dog and her 3 visits to us have worked wonders.  It’s definitely an ongoing thing but she gave me some brilliant tips and advice on how to handle certain situations and teach new habits at home whilst we have dinner.  Things that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of.  It has certainly helped that my pooch is very food orientated as she responds perfectly to her commands for a little treat I cannot thank Trudi enough for her help, I am now much more confident in taking my dog out for a walk and encountering other dogs.  We are continuing to put into practice Trudi’s tips and advice on going forward, but my dog’s lead pulling has improved a lot and although she will try her luck at jumping up at the dinner table now and again, it has become a lot less frequent I would happily recommend her to everyone!" Gemma & Poppy 

"Trudi has made taking our pup out, a walk in the park. She has identified behaviours we didn't know existed and taught us how to manage his anxiety in a fun and engaging way. Now we can all enjoy a walk at a much nicer pace, enjoy company of other dogs and know when it's all too much and we need to head home. And we even have a great recipe for some delicious treats which are not only cheaper than shop bought, but Hugo prefers them and will do almost anything for one! Life is just much simpler now!"  Georgie & Hugo

"Trudi’s session with us and our young Labrador puppy was extremely helpful. Her calm approach and expertise along with her knowledge and understanding of puppy behaviour were exactly what we needed to set us back on track.    We were at a crucial point with him and she steered us in the right direction with clear training tips that worked and personalised targeted advice to help us overcome the problems we were having.   As well as practical items (a clicker and a fabulous pull toy) she left us with written training tips which she gone through with us and our puppy during the session and followed this up with specific answers from our session by email.  We highly recommend her."   Katy & Rudi 

"Cannot thank Trudi enough for her advice on helping me to manage my pack of 7 dogs when my partner is away.  Having gone from feeling completely overwhelmed she helped me see the situation from the dogs’ point of view and explained behaviour that I was finding confusing and incredibly frustrating.  One week on it’s a totally different vibe in the house and I can tell the dogs are happier and more relaxed.  So so happy I contacted Trudi and she has recommended someone in her network more local to me for continued one-to-one training.  She knows her stuff." Vicky

"What an amazing 5 sessions we’ve had! We got our puppy at 15 weeks, 8 weeks later and I cannot believe the progress she’s made! Trudi is absolutely brilliant and it’s so reassuring to know you can call or email between sessions for anything you need help with in the meantime. It really makes life easier with Trudi coming out to our home as well. We opted for the Diamond Puppy Program. Our puppy now knows: Sit Lie Down Wait Leave It Heel Attention Paw High Five Rollover Crate (to go into her crate) As well as this, she play bites a lot less and we’ve made great progress with toilet training and leaving her on her own too.  The training methods are easy enough to get to grips with and Trudi’s great at explaining everything. I’m actually really gutted that our session are finished! What a lovely lady who clearly loves what she does! Thank you so much for everything"💙🧡  Maddie & Pebbles  

"As the first time owners of a large and boisterous puppy Trudi’s teaching, enthusiasm and encouragement were invaluable. The one to one sessions allowed us to learn gradually in our home environment before taking these skills outside in the garden and finally using them in sessions on the beach and in busy town situations. We were particularly grateful for her emergency telephone advice when our puppy went through a phase of over exuberant play biting. Not only did Trudi teach us basic behavioural skills but she showed us how to shape and encourage new behaviours in the future. Highly recommended."  Phil Rhoda & Murphy

"Being a first time dog owner I was nervous about having the ability to handle Bryn (Collie X Huntaway pup) and ensure he was obedient and well behaved Coming from working stock he is going to have lots of energy, and is bright, so keeping him occupied and stimulated was a big concern The training with Trudi was clear, concise and easy to implement.  It made a difference from the very first session with Bryn picking things up quickly The key thing for me was that the training was geared to what was useful.  I don’t want a dog that can do tricks.  I want a dog that is obedient easy to control and good natured Due to the work Trudi put in with him he is well down that road Everyone comments on what a well behaved and relaxed pup Bryn is.  I think a large part of this is due to the work I did with Trudi at Completely Mutz Dog Training". Ben & Bryn

"Today was even more of a brilliant day as Gem was so well behaved I’ve had a problem recently as he has barked whenever I have been still or talking to others inside and out After two training sessions with Trudi Sheridan of Completely Mutz he is a different dog And the training is easy and fun Heartily recommend Trudi and her training" Gail & Gem

"Fun and informative dog training from the knowledgeable Trudi, the easy to learn training methods are paying dividends already for both of our dogs young and old, you can teach an old dog new tricks" Matt & Poppy

“I asked Trudi for help with my four year-old Golden Retriever who had become a liability on the beach with picnics, bbqs and the odd washed up dead animal. His response to the training was amazingly fast and the sessions with Trudi were fun and constructive. With the clicker and a few tips (and quantities of cheesy treats), he is now reliably whistle trained, will stay at my heel rather than snatching sandwiches and is generally more connected and responsive. Where I had given up before, I now feel confident to continue the training myself and understand how to go about it to achieve the results I would like" Julia & Byron

“I learnt so much from Trudi.  She helped with our Ridgeback cross who was very nervous and now she’s like a different dog, highly recommended”  Sara & Holly

"We are incredibly pleased with the way Murphy has progressed over the course of the training programme with Trudi at Completely Mutz.   Murphy is a rescue dog who has particular needs and despite some supportive initial group training and my own attempts to train him, his seeking out and preoccupation with other dogs and people (often very long distances away), poor recall and very boisterous behaviour was getting us into some tricky situations! His walks had become confined entirely to a lead which was making ourselves and Murphy somewhat bored and rather unhappy - so we needed help.   The one to one training with Trudi over the course of several weeks going right back to basics, firstly in the home, then garden etc, helped us build that connection with Murphy and slowly build confidence in him and in ourselves. She helped us ‘think dog’ and understand why Murphy was behaving the way he did. We used a multitude of useful and clever techniques to engage him and he loved every minute! In the end, he was recalling on the local beaches superbly with a multitude of distractions - the change in his behaviour was incredible. I finally felt confident walking on my own with him and we were able to enjoy family walks, having fun with him, playing the games we knew he liked.   We still continue with the training - referring back to the comprehensive file of notes Trudi provided. Murphy is not a robot and new situations arise all the time…but he is a wonderful work in progress and our bond with him has been strengthened tremendously as a result of the help Trudi gave us. We can’t thank her enough. " Lara & Murphy

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